Who can apply for Inspire305?

/Who can apply for Inspire305?

Who can apply for Inspire305?

Local Miami-Dade nonprofits who meet the Inspire305 eligibility requirements (outlined below) are encouraged to apply.

  • Must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and be able to provide corresponding EIN #
  • Organization/branch/affiliate* must have incorporated between 2011 and 2018
  • Organization/branch/affiliate* must employ 15 or fewer employees
  • Must serve Miami-Dade County
  • Must not currently be receiving funding from United Way of Miami-Dade
  • Must not have been a previous Inspire305 winner (Grand Innovator or Trailblazer)
  • Grant request must address improvement for individuals and/or families in one of the following areas: education, financial stability or health

* Branches/affiliates of larger organizations must meet the above eligibility requirements, specific to their branches/affiliates in Miami-Dade County, in order to apply

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